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The SciFu genre is the idea to produce content (media, art, education, information) that has an ongoing relevance and relation…


xd4 is a multi-domain strategy and its according meta-model system. xd4 is consisting of the entire mwd system and advanced…


In the context of developing the interface and a theortecial background for complex problem visualization the LMR scheme appeared as…


The term no1isa0 reads no one is a zero. It refers to both - the digital frame I want to…


The concept and movement representing the attempt to quality control any TLD's according to their literal meaning. Intention is to…


Interlink represents an essential element for any translation of intention to action utilizing language or as language expressable theories. Every…

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Thinkularity content overview:

Thinkularity research hub

Our mission is to provide a complexity theory – based interpretation of the term and concept of ‘world saving’

Yes, world saving as a term makes most scientists cringe and often rejects civillians due to impressions that ‘whatever content you find here’ is either esoteric, ideologic, mad, or in other ways scientifically not useful. However this website actually is about literal world saving and a logical approach to this terminus based on complexity theory. Hence it covers almost all areas of science (which were studied thoroughly for this sole purpose) and it intends to connect their diverse potentials, capacities and knowledge to form a unifying new kind of collaborative collective strategy pool and operations.

Solve for x: World saving

Imagine a plan that is capable to (literally) save the world – and you live in a time frame where you could actually encounter it, at its very earliest stage. A plan expressable in words, with a clear layout how to reach world-saving, starting at the very Now of your current present [x of September 2020 with x<20].

Imagine there is such type of strategy or plan possible at all in reality – how would it encounter you? — And how could it present itself to you? — And how should it present itself to –You– specifically?

[Please think for more then 40 seconds about each of the previous three how questions]

Thinkularity is about the science behind a gamified approach to world saving which we name ‘xd4’. It allows a very simple introduction towards any form of systemic and scientific world saving: have a plan ‘xd4′ – publish and peer-review it for advancement and construction of a new/decentralized/’better’ plan to save the world ‘qip8’, then synchronize the concepts so that xd4 is informed and can provide new claims for future directions of research and actions for world saving. With this model, we want to deploy a continous world-saving system, based on a dynamic formal assumption – that there is no ‘best’ plan and strategy to save the world but we can advance our understanding of it through collaboration. The goalspace of xd4 can be seen at Interlink.World and the gamfication is sketched on xd4.eu.

We’re summing up the work on xd4 for a paper and we’ll inform when its published. We aim for september 2020. For now the content is quiete distributed and requires some explorer-tendencies.

Example / draft about this domains purpose

Software Uplink

We work on software side to crosslink e2h and Xanadu® – See https://e2h.totalism.org/ and http://xanadu.com

Our collection of software for goalspace of global participatory complexity management software-architecture is gathered at interlink.life/entwicklung and refers to boot.science/architektur model for development.