1up.run is one of the models of the WorldSaving.Systems concept. A 1-up run is supposed to be a well-defined attempt of a registrant (individuals, later organizations) to carry out plans that are explicit about world saving, providing a clear definiton what is attempted by the individual and how the performance will be tracked. The concept of 1up is to allow individuals support based on their application and community-driven long term evaluation about their reaction, adaptivity (to feedback and critics) as well as their physical condition and self-management capabilities. To apply for a 1up.run requires the 1up system to be operational – funded as a not-for profit championship – like event. There are diverse models for time frames and requirements to register as individual or organization and to what end an approved 1up run will support the registrants with. The run itself will be streamed via respective platforms and the domain will report about previous and current runs and provide means for population to vote their favorite plans and assign runners or apply as runner themselves.

Runner that prefer a more gamified version may register for the worldsavingworldcup.com and those who wish to have a continuous representation of their world saving activities can be transferred to 2me.space which represents more advanced stages or long-term attempts of positive world configuration.

I work on a model for this system based on the xeo personality gamification, however xeo.run is not very informative yet. The xeo run was supposed to be the first 1up run but the amount of theory to be formalized has delayed the concept (see xeo entry in category model).