Imagine there is such type of strategy or plan possible at all in reality – how would it encounter you? — And how could it present itself to you? — And how should it present itself to –You– specifically?


Would have to be scary, in the case it is honest.

Because it poses an actual possibility to be the ‘single‘ cause of a change to essentially everything you know – everything you think and everything you expect —

Please be prepared to take a note 🙂

  • for example:
    • the world is not safe at your present time with the exact understanding of a safe world by your understanding and definition of that — and this plan turns out to be a comprehensible way to make it safe by your understanding with a starting point for events from your current present —
    • if it actually can exist, is what it claims to be, is responsibly carried out so far and is logically sound within any layout or design someone could imagine under the above how questions — it would have to be able to justify the former claim ethically, morally and logically towards anyone — even in case you or someone reading this before or after you might be
      • a terminally ill individual {faceing less then one year of lifetime}—
      • might be someone psychologically prone for psychosis or subject to an unhealthy drive and tendency to trust in something and react extremely or sensitive about it
  • Because it would challenge the question whether You are able to initiate any kind of action* within the next y minutes to contribute substantially to literally (start to) save the world in the most effective, neutral, universal and interactive way you or anyone else could think of so far in this line of thinking. — *and this action is within your capacities, interests, talents, aversions, limits and freedom to be carried out by you [[[[don’t worry if you feel stressed now YOU !! don’t have to do anything else right now! 🙂

please take a note that you scored one SLEW point!

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Take break 8) if slew is larger then 7 !

If you cannot stop thinking / reading, if you feel difficult, different or strange you don’t have to do anything

If you can and if you like you could listen sound or watch color with click on •• some seconds of this color ••

As soon it feels like too much sounds or feels like noise or if you cannot hear or access it —

for those who lost interest now <-


Do you feel at unrest? Then it is your mission to get at least 4 hours of rest, distraction and if possible quieteness and amusement — and this will be your optimal contribution to the plan that will save the world from 2020 onward, still starting right now thanks to your time spend on this domain — you are awesome and thank you for giving these letters a chance ! 🙂

See you soon!

If you feel stressed or scared or feel in any other negative way, please talk to someone, and please trust us that we know what you might go through — we are sorry but you will get the idea why we had to write/go this way for now — you are right on track to help the world — please relax :3

You’re close to another slew ! Please be aware that the slews will be tired now and some might get sad if you get more then 2 slews at one day o.o so take your time okay?

If you should ever get into the state described above or should encounter it for the 2nd or 3rd time – please don’t access our domains and please get back earliest to this page on 20th july — we reasure you this is the best thing you can do • please trust us 🙂

Stay safe — stay You

Stay life!