Hey, my name is Dominic and I would like to work as an independent researcher for a free and peaceful world and future.

I would like to have fun by being alive and producing art and science.

It is my mission to observe that life on earth is safe and enable any consequences that follow from and for triggering this observation.

I share ideas on this domain which I would like to work on with others together. My primary project is xd4, essentially it is a plan to save the world which is based on almost two decades of research. One essentiall part of that plan is a decentralized global government-system. xd4 also contains several theories, meta-modeling methods and 4 entire artificial languages. I derive exa-scale architectures for software as well as infrastructure from xd4 which have the advantage to be scale-invariant. They could be used to manage and structure a village but could also be adapted to regulate and coordinate planetary expansion. However I think we should first save the world before we attempt to alter another planet.

I like theoretical physics and system design and I am looking for people who want to work on world saving or want to support it. I have many ideas that could be made into startups or other projects but I do not like economy and therefore choose to share my ideas openly. I hope that some of them can help to make the world better. And that someone might consider to support me. I would like to continue producing music and painting but I think it is more important to save the world and therefore I put all other activities on halt since february 2020. I would be very thankful for support because I work every waking hour on projects and research to make the world more sustainable, efficient, fun and fair.

I think our future is endangered due to many reasons. I spend my life researching all of them and now I try to express them as simple as possible. xd4 is a world saving suite, if I would have the resources it could save the world within 8 years. But it is so complex that writing it down would take almost years. That’s why I make everything at once because I want to (help to) save the world as fast as possible.

I don’t think that people want to make bad decisions or destroy nature but that our systems are enabling short-sigthted thinking and decision making more then awareness and inclusion. Most of our systems were not designed for complex beings with a vast scope of diversity and interest. They stem from times where not only the number of beings was much smaller but also local influences were more significant. The globalization and its effects on culture were not anticipated and we are still behind with a fundamental system upgrade for many important mechanisms that govern and regulate our lifes.

As any other animal, humans favor ideas and solutions that are simple. On this website I would like to share all my ideas how we can make the world a place for everyone. We need systems that allow more variety and which make those decisions easier which are also better for nature and culture.

The fastest way to change our world has to allow everyone to participate and engage in this process and it must be coordinated to always aim for freedom, equality and sustainable system design. The difficulty to find a plan that would everyone a role in this complex transformation could not be solved yet, as too many diverse interests and preferences avoid to unify on a simple but necessary decision. We must make everything better.

The music I made contains descriptions how I came to be who I am and why I had to learn to never give up and how I did so until today. I want to make the world a better place for life and that is the most important thing to me. I hope that people will give me the chance to work full time on the 400 projects which I would like to develop and share.

They were designed to play a role in the transformation towards the future and allow diverse beings and interest their cooperation without the need to agree on anything more then the need to change the world for the better. If anyone would like to provide their own ideas, interests, energy, feedback, support and/or talents that would be very cool. I do not like lethal economics and would rather like to work full time on world saving, for which a paypal pool can be found on the support page.

Among other things I would like to develop quoeto, a 4-d language for which I researched cognition and complex systems design for many years. Quoeto can represent and compute complex semantic content as well as abstract mathematical or algorithmic systems.

Quoeto consists of three individual languages itself and makes use of a logic which I develop since 2014.

As I have quiete a few goals at the same time and I have no funding the progress is not very fast which makes content a little difficult to communicate.

I work on descriptions and explanations for all of the ideas / goals as they reflect a multi-domain strategy to balance activities in complex systems. I don’t want to gain profit but to share all ideas openly. I hope that people think of the things I do as funny, helpful or interesting so that they consider to support my approaches.

The Q of Quoeto






If my content is neither useful nor funny please consider to fund me or tell me what I can do better.


I am convinced that we can shape the world in the near future into a place that poses a better future for life. The younger generation knows about the urgency. The establishment has the capacity to act. I think the complex discussion where and how to start lacks dynamic intermediators

We need a smooth transition to future, faster then any reformation could be and more coordinated and planned then any revolution can be. The shift to automated infrastructure and production systems poses existential risk for many humans who will loose their jobs through this process in foreseeable time.

The dangers of technological singularity, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, population growth, lack of sustainable infrastructure, ecologic destruction and cultural disconnection are all solvable. This page is the overview of the projects I would like to carry out, propose or pass on to beings with more contextual skills and understanding.

I think we must, should and can accelerate civilizatory development. If you think of my work as interesting I would be very grateful for any kind of support. Please note that I live only for the dream to help souls.

• I would like to continue working full time on world saving (on xd4 until anyone can define more consistently what world saving is). xd4 promotes and produces multiple concepts for a better future

• I want to apply to general public with this page, as a being which is working/researching on the most logical and pragmatic attempt towards world saving. With that I hope to eventually trigger an official institution around this complex and multiple inter-disciplinary science, as we currently lack that likewise.

• I claim that xd4 could be amplified to become the first worldsaving.service.

• On almost all my domains I try to dissociate myself from the content to make it more general or generic. I do this as neutrality and effectivity are more important to me then profiling.

• Unfortunately whether any of this has a chance partially depends on those who can give, to put some trust into my paypal. I should care for funding or promotion but I am sick of primitive and lethal economy.

• I don’t want to make money with anything, I want to receive all money because the only thing I would do with it is world saving as thats the only responsible thing to do with money (in my opinion). I mentioned that on final.credit

• It mostly depends on you and every other being passing by whether this will be useful for anyone.

• If you can agree on the word neutral as the conceptual root (basis) to build a new world you increase the probability that we’ll save the world by 0.000000000125%. I try to cover for the rest.

things like this happen when I don’t work on meta-model system engineering.
xd4 can save the world until 2028. I would ask anyone to help me disprove this claim (and everyone else to help me prove this claim)


• I started to learn most skills and programs (for music production, painting, webdesign) just a few months ago. Before 2019 I was not able to do anything on computers due to muscular dysfunctions and chronic pain.

• I’m not very good with 2D languages and managing long texts. Thats why I prefer to develop new languages instead which are easier to use and pose more options for expression, inclusion and translation. I just never came along well with contemporary language but I try to write as good as I can and I improve all my texts continually.

• I have logic where other people have heart and I have heart where other people have bone. I tend to overthink what impression people might get from me because so many individuals want to manipulate or gain profit. I want that we all have a better future on this planet.

• My studies and independent research were not funded by anything as I was disabled most of my life. Economy is close to win against me and I hope some of you can help me against it.

• Any reference to the term ‘save the world’ will cause complex reactions, rejection and prejudice which requires time to circumvent optimally which takes too much time away for actual world saving

• Though my muscular dysfunctions and pain are mostly gone they could come back any moment which is why I want to use every hour of my life as efficient as possible (thats why I write everything at once and accept confusion, embarassment or ignorance for the early drafts [which often stay around long as the list of my projects is not extremely small (most of the more complex ideas are covered or grouped into one domain)

• I’m honest and optimistic. The first is bad for economy and the latter is good for honesty. As such I’m a little depending on your hindsight.

• I tend to express myself a little complicate which serves no purpose but is just how I produce language naturally. I recently recovered from silence and all my projects startet february 2020


  • I claim to have the most comprehensive, the most complex, the simplest and the most effective plan to save the world from 2020 to 2028.
  • I also think that dark matter and dark energy is actually life and we should investigate that instead of making war / economy.

About Thinkularity:

Thinkularity is my channel to the outside world and it is what I would like to do instead of participating in the economic discourse. For an overview about the primary projects you can check this page and become either irritated or suspicious, maybe bored. You can find a description of the polyparametric performance measure for xd4 (applied to its author) on this page. Below are just words about me. If the formatting of this domain is messy please tell me, I’m not a webdesigner and just recently started to externalize ideas.

About thinkularity Content/Breeder

D.M. Diehl


I studied cognitive science, applied systems science and biophysics. Due to chronic disease and moral I was not able to reach any degree. I tried to earn money once as a tutor, when the father was not able to pay the agency wanted me to sign the hours I gave so they could enforce the invoice. I rejected and dismissed payment for all hours instead. At that time I could not comprehend that knowledge and soul is coupled to a numeric value. Today I understand why it happened and I think we must stop that. You and I are life. The understanding of this concept must be settled once and for all. Properties are irrelevant and we must unite in divergency to overcome the pain you can find in any corner of our world. I do not accept a world in which abuse on children is possible. I do not accept a world in which gender, corporations and dominance control and influence how we shape our life. I want to change all of that and I am more aware of the odds about that then anyone else as I developed multiple error measures. I have counters running on x4.click and I aspire the first.fail to be significant.

I think of current education as unfair. I always wanted to research and was fascinated about life. When others played nintendo I read about genetics and theoretical physics. I want to provide research that will have sufficient relevance to make a degree appear useless. I would like to propose found the neutral university and an entire neutral system for distributed participatory global government development (most can be seen on domains two of the few domains I do not own are opensource.company and inter.link, they’d be welcome to the system at any time). Without my health problems I would likely have been able to finish multiple degrees as I intended to do in my youth. Most of my time I spend researching how thought and formal systems are connected. My intuition was that the chomsky hierarchy lacks a class of systems that refers to systems which can communicate and implement the chomsky hierarchy. To include the complexity that comes with formalization of living substrate is a requirement if we want to be able to keep apart natural, artificial and synthetic life.

The term anthropocomputation is supposed to be used for types and theories about computation that keep in mind fundamental aspects and awareness of humanism and ecologic awareness as well as unconditional individual freedom. The gap between logic and creativity is in my opinion artificial, just as the word ‘artificial’ itself serves no long term purpose.
The goal to form and establish a new terminus which contains multiple specializations as its subsystems is a difficult one which I would like to distribute. The required skillsets in math, physics, logics, programming, visualization and language require years to be trained. From my perspective it would be inefficient to first obtain degrees or skills, while there are beings on earth who are proficient and established but lack ideas that take into account the complexity of their research areas and potential of their talents. That is my specialization, I researched research and its scope and variety has become second nature to me. I am good at abstraction and creativity, not much more.

= Ateo/Spacetimebird


I’m a Dream.Engineer, and I always dreamed to be a Future.Engineer.
I have ideas, too much to focus on one of them. Thats why I group my ideas into categories, each of which reference a formal and scientific concept. As such I want my artistic (non-formal) systems to stay compatible to any formal systems we might develop. This interconnection I sall scifu, the genre of science-functional art. It is based on the categorzation schema LMR which translates to a system design language.
I think that if we want to have a better world fast we need a lot of ideas and one idea how to keep them all together. I have both of that and the former contains many system and models and the latter is currently only available in german on interlink.life. A civilization cannot develop on one or two domains, words or projects. One central part of my strategy is to form a conceptual gauge. The word neutral is in my opinion the optimal choice for that and I would hence like to build the neutral-system which consists of neutral versions of all systems we currently use. The association to a system could then provide a basis to build more diverse architectures and a variety of models on top of it. However we need a stable foundation for a complex and dynamic architecture which is not a trivial task to solve. I propose to build several other systems around the neutral system which are reconnected by multiplex router and multilink-clusters.

I went through many years of chronic disease and my friends and family never had an easy companion with me. Late 2018 my chronic pain disorder suddenly went into remission. Early 2019 I realized that all my previous goals what I would do with my life (if given a chance to have a ‘normal’ life) were all not as important to me as to (help to) make the world a better place. (Alternatives are becoming a geneticist, chemist, researcher, musician, dinosaur or alien). February 2020 I started to build this system, an architecture based on 20 years of thinking and research about the complex and abstract topic of world saving and how anyone could participate in it. I have a lot of questions to reality which are not answered by science yet. I would like to investigate can be done in a lifetime for a better future.

Can we save the world until 2028 if we start in 2020? Can 2028.world be a domain that enables multi-layer convergence of our collective intelligence to a focus on the state of the world and how to effectively make it a better place for future life?

My laboratory shifted from my mind to the world. Since early youth I was limited to my mind due to disease and I had to learn to come along with many limitations. I spend my time thinking and dreaming and over the course of years thought of ideas and ways how humans and any form of life could coexist peaceful. I would like to propose all of them for testing, feedback and cooperation or project management. I think we must rebuild economy, government, education and research to find new ways how life can take place. I want to reconnect all current systems to make them more welcoming towards life. I would like to infuse them with creativity and aliveness as they will all profit from becoming more life-friendly. Our world lacks ways to make dreams come true efficiently.
In my opinion humanity has missed their chance of an adequate millenium, and we should try again – together. We are so many intelligent, creative and diverse beings but yet we failed to prevent destruction of our planet and too many soules. Let’s change this 2020 and start to save the world. I claim to understand why we havn’t observed a process we can refer to as world saving until now and I claim that we now know how to efficiently solve all these problems. We just didn’t talk about it loud and long enough and together enough. The time is running out, please try your best to prove me wrong that the world cannot be saved in less then 8 years by actually giving it/me/xd4 a chance. I was waiting for the future all my life. I think 2020 she finally says hello, not to me but to all of us. She’s shy but she’s everywhere – and she’s so beautiful.

= Keanok/synthraw

EXTERNAL.Engineer [t]

If I’m asked to reduce my existence to one word it would be ‘dream’. If asked to describe myself in one word it would be ‘alien’. I endanger my credibility or trustworthiness for many when I use these terms because the associations that are abundant with them are too broad, unspecific and often unrealistic etc. Thats why I want to point out that I always refer to my interpretations of them. For example at alien and this page is about dreams and this page about my approach to dreaming (all under undergoing construction).

I value Life and Technology and want to protect Souls on earth.
I reject hate, judgement and ignorance.
I seem self-centered but you must take into account that this page is addressed to everyone, requiring a consistent reference of all important aspects.

producing music, painting pictures, writing scifu.
engage in compositional motion techniques
Intends to train and develop spintronics -optimized movement patterns for neurosync technologies
Developed the synthraw personality-gamification matrix and the syntron-naturon story playing in a future in which we were able to save the world.

The coin always has three sides.

also me, 2020

Politics is the educational mandate of society to itself.

dominic, 2020

Most domains are still undergoing development – or are still at Example/bootleg stage, some might be empty or have just xeo spam on them.