Dream – Future – Reality – Engineering

Dream.Engineer: Operator / Task force for interpretation of meta-conceptual spaces (individual dreams) and community-generated collective dreams. Dream.Design is hub for outcomes of dream meta-system. This system is grouped in daydream.academy and dreamy.email as well as daydream.land providing a framework for translation and connectivity to the neuroworld systems and gaming. All corresponding to quoeto or generic gamification theory. Their generative models are conceptual -> digital -> reality domain builds.

Future.Engineer: Operator Task Group to recompile current advances in material and system technology which alter fundamental infrastructure or system design capabilities of humanity. They generate virtual model environments that show current possibilites. Their upgrade paradigm is digital -> conceptual -> reality-convergent. Areas of operation are culture.stream coupled to the development of sync.host and their algorithmic modules for high throughput data classification and priorization according to human interest & life preservation – based framework. The work can be rendered as streamline computes to civilization.earth given a sufficient participatory interaction system.

Reality.Engineer: Cooperative and Streamline implementation of future and dream designs. While Future.Engineer provides virtual models and Dream.Engineer provides layouts, the Matrix.Vote delivers preference and weighted priorization of scientific and intermediating pragmatic solution selection – Reality.Engineer is the final model iteration that will ultimately cause a system to be implemented in a traced environment with a priori data generation through the minimum trace concept given by the Operator-Observer Model.

DFR – Engineering Meta-Model and computatory anticipation

Singularity.Engineering && Singularity.Watch: Conceptual anticipation of any meta-model upgrade or implementation calls for diverse safety and reliability measures. Humanities experience in cooperatively synchronized activities is limited. With such experience we refer to any type of multi-domain operation in digital spaces [domains], their guided and intermediated activities and interactions and any ongoing development of systems that pose an efficient and fair environment for all actors. However any new type of managed and self-referential theory iteration and adaption across complex domains containing complex strategies as their elements themselves can pose risks for which sufficient preparation models, spare capacities and active scenario development has to be fostered. For this experience-gathering phase with super-human algorithmic recommendation, emulation and synchronization systems we propose to use singularity.wiki to pinpoint humanities collective and reflected experience from base to current to time frame. xd4 is timeframe minus 20 to plus 8., it hence can be derived from any information distribution available between 2000 and 2028. The limited and arbitraty choice of reference time frames is elaborated in time models section e.g. time.style which receive however lower default charge.

We want to spark advanced open source counter-strategy development and research to any AI models and any error or pertubation scenarios out of xd4 to remodel into qip8 a first efficient logically consistent civilizatory management system (and its frameworks and models for synthesis and definiton of top system/s). Any risks of unwanted system development is contained in a quoeto-connect risk management system. We claim that this theory outranges other applications for Singularity.Engineering and we must set any explicit singularity development on hold until mid June 2021 minimum. A global one year AI development halt will allow a reconnection of government, cultural and educational systems to the amount and depth of knowledge available in 2020. The high degree of adaptability of data representation, visualization, inclusive and dynamic rendering and context-specific layout selection requires interlinking model of UX and user.

-> Please refer to the singularity.wiki project for immediate contribution opportunities.