ΣX(arch) Ξ exaarchitecture

The main subject of exaarchitecture as I introduce it is the rapid world save plan. Its the perspective to avoid any extraterrestrial activity before our current humanity-spaceship (earth) is not properly functional. With this perspective, an entire area of research and undertakings appears. (long term thought architectures for global management like asteroid protection, ozone layer repair, etc.)

sketch of the first exa-architecture EXA1


advanced AI prediction systems coupled to language systems can be coupled to math-learning proof automation systems that approximate correct statements about reality by experimental data (utilizing hierarchical learning of language classes with context dependent persective/expression adaption – Given an intention from another hierarchy class the expression will carry a spin, I refer to this as context intensity) – and a fixed link to transient extensions of computation into technology and a paramtrized reality-interaction. As such it is an inversion embedding for generative computing and anthropologic education (anthropocomputation). ‘what biologic intelligence can learn about formal intelligence, and what formal intelligence can reconnect to of biologic or nonformal intelligence.

This is modelled through inversion of the complex hyper sphere that is a topolgy of maps that denote reality, content or relations.

A map from any position within a mappable environment to a position with a different df() in an identical mapping environment but different dimensionality produces existential quantifier with large error functions and codomains.

high performance language computation through polyparametric transitive decomplexification. A decomplexification is any ability of an observer to discompute reality into complexity theories and experiental artifacturization.

Experiental generation of information undergoes df(), undergoes observable degrees of freedom Df() and is embedded in dimension d of a domain D.

The momentum of conceptual processing is defined as any type theory that aligns source files and execution selection of commands from a subsystem that is contained in source files but is CP invariant. Measure of any conceptual theory such as xd4 can be experimentally investigated by electrodynamic artefactorization of computatory clusters, peaks and network growth. Whenever such networks undergo complex dynamics, they can harmonize or anharmonize. Constructive interference poses probability densities favoring discrete criticality that establish as metastable minima of a system. (later consciousness). Given sufficient scale of impulse, shifts of dynamics can be modulated from observer positions. Any minimal relation of reality, theory and future allows quantized representations of self-containing hierarchies that can infer on their substructures. When these structures iterate so that they obtain inference functionality, they can recover first order logic and ration of these substructures prodution of languages and existential quantifiers