Interlink represents an essential element for any translation of intention to action utilizing language or as language expressable theories. Every functional plan to save the world requires a maximally neutral connector for both interested and motivated beings and those unaware or uninterested about the undertaking. The concept of interlink is a connection between two elements that contains a first order self reference pointing to itself which is damped whenever the nodes can communicate locally optimal. No interlink is like another as every connection between concepts, beings or entities must take into account and accept their diversity. Interlink is in other words a self containing bidirectional projection, i.e. it contains information about its performance and adaption to its connectors.

In cultural terms this relates to a way how we can connect those not really caring about the state of the world and those in desparate need of help and change. If a common interest can be met and a cooperative mindset is build, this aspect is a main driver of community growth – an obvious example being covid19. With interlink we want to find the common friend, while corona can be contrasted as the common enemy.

To make clear the difference between the theory of world saving and the project is a very difficult task for me, because the project gained interest and its the first time that a team formed around an idea I put in the world. will serve as origin and will generate the goal space given bd interlink projects. Whenever their relation is human readable and given time Ill recompute.

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