Thinkularity is a distributed research effort towards new types of intelligence and life and foremost new strategies for peacekeeping and education. The background of thinkularity is more then a decade of academic research which could not be published earlier due to chronic disease. As the content is rather extensive but its results and connected ideas are ready for implementation and rapid prototyping, the author decided to write and release their research and theoretic work simultaneous. Until publications have reached peer-review and exit their draft stage they may be handled and understood as art. I also produced music which I would like to continue whenever my work on xd4 has reached a preliminary publication. xd4 is my contribution to optimization of humanitarian operations and I hope that it can serve a future civilization.

All my work is released as CC-BY-NC

The main result of thinkularity and its activities is xd4. We refer to xd4 as hyper-architecture as we derive the concept of exa-architectures from it. It contains four artificial languages and a foundational approach to multi-domain strategy making and research as well as meta-modelling systems and corresponding approaches. We derive anthropocomputation (ATCT) as a paradigm for resource- and environment-aware computation. The further scope of ATCT is the prevention of loss of biologic life in the face of technologic future. It serves as an anchor for life in the digital realm and as such can go beyond classical models of singularity and its monotonicity and identity extinction. We outline the future of identity and the upcomming dispersion towards hybridized and classical biologic life.

Thinkularity summarizes all present work of mine and outlines future directives for publication and research. While content and theories of thinkularity cover post-singularity computation, xd4 prevents singularity production through usage of broken logic. Though this type of logic is novel and will require neuromorphic hardware for efficient implementation we postulate its meaningfulness for advanced computation as well as protection of life.

If anybody would listen, I can explain why we (humanity) can save the world (make it a globally safe place to life) within 8 years. Unfortunately the explanation requires massive background knowledge, time and energy. As such my formulations always pose the risk to be misunderstood as sci-fi or something else (no feedback so far) because I must break down very complex issues in an attempt to make them communicatable.

The fastest way to save the world is if an EXA2 build is initiated on african continent and the EU and github build EXA1 with at least three nodes. There is some work to do for the open science community to advance and correct my ATCT monography and the scientific disciplines would have to build what I refer to as multigraphy. The educational content currently in use will have to be converted and reformulated entirely. The official human history book would start in 2020 with a self-reference that every human-born being is part of and is actively writing ‘human history’. I intend to provide content that is accordingly general for further usage. However application of meta-valent logic and classical language usage (natural language) are often interfering. I want to excuse for incomplete and messy mathematics as well as grammar and type errors. I do my best to advance the content of this page.