The TLD domain .family is difficult to handle from any computatory perspective and inevitable to be protected for any aliveness-experiental perspective by that perspective. I will outline the ethical and foundational character of this concept later on.

The conceptual scope of familiarizing human individuality with an ever more diverse community to embrace any individual while synchronizing egoistic drive states, poses a great challenge for the community-driven forces and activism oriented influences that aspire peace in contrast to a much more harmful dominant strategy in 2020 one might refer to as overwhelmedness, empathic numbness, ignorance or desparation. For all cases we want to produce better subjective probabilities for an environment that is experienced as welcomming, healing, embracing and alive. These four constituents form the structure for the computational interpretation of familiy as a class for any reference given an according theory.

computatory render

We define a static attribute family as a superdomain class with hyperplex characteristica.

Global optima of family conceptualization (in an entropy trace in mapper M³) might pose new experimental design directions.

CliYuGa grammar poses ability for inter-species languages (paw.chat)

To evolve iyouwe, there are multiple bifurkations and mirrors which can support the multiplex conversion towards a cosynchro social understanding through family terminus as identical to new human culture term.

Family will generate most stable (para)parameter of cultural and identity development. It must be recovered as a progenitor type.