The concept and movement representing the attempt to quality control any TLD’s according to their literal meaning. Intention is to form a network with literal websites e.g. neutral dot education that continuously match defined standards. From there on a save-net can be established, providing an alternative protocoll (not http) to chich machines connect by default. This way excluding harmful content or fake news from children and un-experienced users can be arranged in a much more effective and transparent way. This is not about putting a filter up – it is about giving all resources that are most important (e.g. medical support, doctor addresses, help hotlines, education, services, state of the world, dangers of the internet) a definite secure and reliable frame. This frame could be a neutral system as I propose it, any other solution should be faster easier and more neutral. The word neutral as a basis is in my opinion the optimal word given any TLD.

There are currently no neutral domains developed by me, but I’ll add a list of those that I work on.