In the context of developing the interface and a theortecial background for complex problem visualization the LMR scheme appeared as very efficient. The categorization according to LMR assigns one of three primary values to any object (semantic information). Life, Meta and Resource represent the fundamental different qualities of reality. Current logics and often also language is limited to a dual logic: Something is either Yes or No, just as bits in contemporary electronics. But both, our conceptual understanding and our physical perspective evolves and changes. There are poperties of matter, reality – such as quantum mechanics. Turbulence, complexity and artificial intelligence are exciting and new concepts. Compared to previous history, humanities production of information and any type of digital content – outranges their (global-cultural) capacity to keep them synchronized. The amount and diversity of research areas, identity properties, physical and phyiosiological attributes as well as subjective environments has always been complex – but becomes hypercomplex given the ability to develop theories about and around it. Such as abstractions of language and complexity theory. Essentially, this set aside human progenitors from other mammalian cognitive species. The recursivity of conceptualization led to several shifts of critical internal information processing and time-invariant modes of synchronizing neural activity (distributed frequency / pulse and neural architecture changes (dendrites, ionic concentration, thresholds, other weighting operators on computation path/branches)