Much of my content is referencing LMR logic, sometimes ini-language or ini systems, kea and CliYuGa. They are iterations of a simple category theory which I named LMR, for ease of memorizing Left Middle Right consisting of the categories Life and Resource at the bottom and Meta in the middle above them. This categorization helps to brake down complex problems and visualize complex connections between complex systems.

Document in translation

Exemplary usage

LMR logic / irregular recursion / metavalent logic can be used to implement fluid strategies of multi-domain complexity

This can animate transient complex data streams given a rudimentary multi-scale IDE which I’d like to architecturize or hope to see in open source dev soon. However my cognition does not compute well with 2D languages which limits the formal expressiveness for which I’ll provide an error function within 2020. Prioritized are regent or fortran for the secondary grammar layer to spawn domain specific language architectures. Helpful work on exa-scale computation (algorithim/OS/SI-) design is requested and whether there are simulations available for home environments such as CUDA.

there is more uncompiled content about this on interlink.life. Whoever can render please do.