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D.M. Diehl


• Primary research and results:
P³-Vote (ternary voting)
P³-claims (progenitor system)
P³F Model (vote weighted P³)
kea (spin information)
Matrix Vote system
Observer System
multiplex one
C-Model systems for accelerator design

Alien terminology is for exa-scale computation and hyperheuristic grammar systems as well as xenologic derivates

= Ateo/Spacetimebird


• Virtual: with lol=42 and hence xD for two makes xd4 all
Syntron Naturon Vergence
Information shear vorticity
Alive Tech and Synthetic life

• Startup-concepts:
architecture industries

• Discoveries:
irregular broken logic
amplituhedron-compatible logic
keto flops

= Keanok/synthraw

Art & GamificationEngineer [t]

•Gamification Type-Theories:
xd4 (

Current: Interlink.Life

•Gamification-Type Theories:

Macroscope of thinkularity content

All research items which have a description on thinkularity. It is our goal to complete the topics from above and provide an outline for each domain until end of 2020 or earlier.

Interlink represents an essential element for any translation of intention to action utilizing language or as language expressable theories. Every functional plan to save the world requires a maximally neutral…

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Open source complexity consulting will spark whenever human top level management capabilities are upgraded and civillian interest is encorporated in complex decision making procedures. Complexity Consulting stems from but…

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The mwd model of a systems theory based on LMR logic provides the design sketch for a 4D-clock. Any support for coding and animating it as well as implementing first…

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The matrix vote system consists of the priority-preference-promotion voting from civilian input. Depending on user level, iterations on topics can be supplied which represent a more elaborate vote with more…

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Making Hackathons a global and public event Global organization of hackathons has become a crucial aspect of 2020’s digital landscape. There are several attempts to maintain overview of the distributed…

Continue reading is one of the models of the WorldSaving.Systems concept. A 1-up run is supposed to be a well-defined attempt of a registrant (individuals, later organizations) to carry out plans…

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Conceptronics is based on an expansion of the classical perceptron to contain conceptual content, context-sensitive threshold modulation and hence complex threshold- and transmitter-dynamicss. A conceptron is a well defined concept…

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The SciFu genre is the idea to produce content (media, art, education, information) that has an ongoing relevance and relation to current consens and representation capabilities. SciFu hence stands for…

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ΣX(arch) Ξ exaarchitecture The main subject of exaarchitecture as I introduce it is the rapid world save plan. Its the perspective to avoid any extraterrestrial activity before our current humanity-spaceship…

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I have the primary intention to contribute substantially to any top-level process, planning, strategy or organization (activity) with high effectivity for world saving. Impression-anticipation Due to personal history I had…

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As one of the most generic domains in the thinkularity systems, Civilization.Earth holds the potential to remain empty but growing in its ideologic relevance nevertheless. Humanity is facing complex resolution…

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Zoo.Build is a meta-model consisting of top-down approach to standardize and update living conditions in any zoo on earth – and a bottom-up approach to replace rare animals by live…

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In the context of developing the interface and a theortecial background for complex problem visualization the LMR scheme appeared as very efficient. The categorization according to LMR assigns one of…

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Definition of engineering ‘future’ The concept of future engineer is part of the DFR-Engineering model. Future.Engineer is condensing large amounts of technologic advances into practical architectures. Their voted architectures will…

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Dream – Future – Reality – Engineering Dream.Engineer: Operator / Task force for interpretation of meta-conceptual spaces (individual dreams) and community-generated collective dreams. Dream.Design is hub for outcomes of dream…

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The Player-Level-Quest gamification according to LMR poses a transient framework for gamifying complex environments and keeping track of higher order attributes for player flow optimization. Dynamic game speed regulation can…

Continue reading is a domain with a simple directive: Conceptualize, Motivate, Promote and realize world saving by humanity in time frame 2020 to 2028. xd4 is a high performance plan to…

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Culture.Stream in accordance to literal internet will provide valuable media resources and live access to artistic and cultural events. Any content hosted undergoes responsible content management and a continuous influx…

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The TLD domain .family is difficult to handle from any computatory perspective and inevitable to be protected for any aliveness-experiental perspective by that perspective. I will outline the ethical and…

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As LMR can be decoded as a language system for almost any species (most noteworthy dogs, dolphins, birds, cats, primates) the concept of Paw.Chat is to establish the first inter-species…

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This page is w.i.p. and will re-abstract the variant of xd4. We define as goal space a domain-update from EU to Earth Union in 1. conceptual and 2. practical…

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