We introduce it as a meta-model about a type of type theory that has a physical gauge to reality. The physical gauge is a distance between rerivedintroduces a property ‘coordinated self-synchronizing’ and provides a physical particle that does not possess this property but contains symbols that explain .

This property is measured by cognition: whenever false whenever ation – theory. It is not self-synchronization as the coordination is not automatized but performed by a human individual.

For ease of purpose, xd4 claims to be a strategy ‘S’ that can be represented by binary data π and references itself as a strategy based on binary data such by . Under observation by consciousness, Sπ decomposes into (Sπ)λ which is the text about Sπ and the (intermediate) understanding of Sπ which is an instance within a cognition and interactive, denoted by δ(Sπ).

For sake of simplicity, Sπ claims to decompose into δ((Sπ)λ¹) which is a copy of the first data ever stored on human hardware on earth with name xd4.txt which only contains the statement (Sπ)λ=xd4 within the first 10 symbols as a plan or strategy to save the world.

represented in text which will under observation allow to (literally) save the world. We measure the momentum of Sπ and a matrix of parameters abour (Sπ)λ

about a be capable to save the world or minimally provide a sketch how to generate a better plan to save the world. This hypothetical plan we refer to as qip8 and xd4 embeds several ways to gain updates from qip8 in case it is carried out. World saving by our interpretation means that xd4 will have an impact on the human world causing it to change in a quantifiable and traceable way so that nature and human life will profit unconditionally from it. Id est after a specific plan ‘to save the world’ was carried out, there will be both objective sensory data about the global state of the world (pollution, infrastructure, nature etc.) as well as empirical measures about subjective experience of the global state as being better then to a given earlier time. The latter can only be carried out if a significant amount of beings can vote for about their impression, including their ability to participate in the global defnition what a saved world is. If we can establish a statistically significant change of individuals opinion whether the world is more safe to a time Y as it was to a time X this will not necessarily prove xd4 to have an impact. Therefore xd4 has multiple means to communicate (promote) itself and to transparently measure whether its intended plan was carried out as specified to allow anyone investigation and reensurance that xd4 did as it claimed to do.