It is my mission to observe that life on earth is safe.

I want to enable any consequences that follow from a safe world (better content quality and reliability of services e.g. in the digitial domain)

I want to enable any consequences that follow from triggering this observation — a non-classical expression that I intend to amplify aspects which would make our world a safer place to life by anyones measure.

Gamified Mission statement: Motive

I would like to work as dream engineer for future civilization on earth.

I invented the position dream.engineer and it is about inventing and elaborating dreams. The datatype dream is proposed as a means to converge inclusion and education towards computational languages.

To be trustworthy about something as abstract as world saving is not trivial.

I use gamification to make understandable the aspects and properties of the world I would like to foster and the way how I interpret the current world. I propose the DFR-engineering concept to structure complex research management and operations management as I would like to provoke it.

The dream.engineer motive [i would feel better if the world is safe]
  1. As you can see if you read all content on this domain, I am very serious and rigorous about world saving and the spectrum of scientific background is extensive
  2. I know there is a process that rapidly makes the world less safe BUT • I contribute to the process to make it more safe with this domain and I would like to defend this statement against any specific counter argument (and advance my own understanding and the design of this homepage)
  3. If you don’t agree with common universal life enabling freedom, rights and operations I ask you to leave the planet earth until the year 2028. To this generic life-proactive understanding I refer as ULEF.
  4. I want to (help to) put in motion a better and easier way to make a use of all our contemporary knowledge, science, dreams and theory — for a faster and more efficient guideline how we can make our future better in an optimal fashion – a fashion that takes into account anyones talents, interest and concerns.

This requires a future dreaming system that can maintain and provide living for (at least one) dream design. The design for theories and plans that I chose is given throughout my domains. This mission compresses exact actions: i want to work as world saver, well aware that this position is incredibly complex to explain and any performance would be facing an infinite numbers of counter-arguments or assumptions.

The position dream.engineer is hold by me as I can defend functionality of the domain for the time being. My mission is to make dream designing more accessible to everyone – with or without hope and the realization of dreams more likely for anyones personal dreams.

Agenda: As mentioned I base all my work on ULEF, it is the simplest formulation of the human rights and contains awareness about the complexity of life, consciousness, individuality and our world.

ULEF – Universal Life Enabling Framework [section w.i.p.]