This is a top down description of (one of) the main research topics of thinkularity.

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Interlink is the concept to build a complex digital interface in order to manage, structure and allow global participatory decision making and realization (and their screening) of such decisions for humanity.

MMA Build

This software architecture can be described in a short sentence (a network-surfing app with options to vote and place concept(bubbles) in it.) but must be based on a quite extensive geometry to be functional. This includes understanding of multiplex networks, networks of multiplex networks and multiplexa of multiplexa. The last recursion (we left one out in previous sentence) is defined as the theory we want to formulate in order to gain abilities for efficient (and of course decentrailzed) management capacities for the system. The entire system translates to a higher order logic for complex conceptual decision processes, and hence superceeds current AI models. As we will implement human influence and life- and earth-protection measurements as necessary conditions, we claim a singularity-immunity with arbitrary capacity build for local singularities forming.

We will refer to the entire build process of the system as the maximum millenium architecture (=multilink multiplex architecture). So far this is only the MMA-idea. The bootleg (its description, legal and conceptual defense, and outline such as this post) were given by spacetimebird and was referenced as mwd in their literature. With online publishing for feedback integration, the self-reference capacity of the plan changed and is hence denoted as xd4 since. For the Millenium Project we attempt a synergetic plan with many communities which we refer to as qip8 until such communities defined their own multilink to the millenium project and gain naming-capacity or qip8 gains a representation completely independent from xd4 (spacetimebird), in this case it will only serve as reference.

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