Definition of multiplex

Draft for multiplex-router EXA1

code name v.1.0

With a dynamic representation of consens we build a minimum coordinational¹ synchronizational² multi-scale ployparametric theory processor. This can be viewed as an approximation for a global government gauge system. (polyparametric multivalent dynamic complex system)I argue that any such gauge system with given functionality and capacity is identical to the evolution of a (ULEF) global government system itself as this will be a distributed network. The software will project to a system like the one which will be described under Multiplex Multilink Architecture (MMA)

//¹coordinational; coordination of complex distributed system evolutions via hyperheuristics

//²synchronizational; a system that contains synchronization as a concept, a goal space and an actualizing current space that bifurcates into default and problem space.We refer to this as a multiplex and my research is externalizing its proof capability through the domain (2021).

//³ULEF; Universal Life Enabling Framework, is referenced at and english recovery of the early draft will be at within june 2020.


Introduction This is a top down description of (one of) the main research topics of thinkularity. For (translation is not available due to spacetimebird=all english things/team). Backups of the english contents will be uploaded to when there is a request for it. Interlink is the concept to build a complex digital interface in…

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ΣX(arch) Ξ exaarchitecture The main subject of exaarchitecture as I introduce it is the rapid world save plan. Its the perspective to avoid any extraterrestrial activity before our current humanity-spaceship (earth) is not properly functional. With this perspective, an entire area of research and undertakings appears. (long term thought architectures for global management like asteroid…

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xd4 is a multi-domain strategy and its according meta-model system. xd4 is consisting of the entire mwd system and advanced error anticipation measures that build systems as codomains with computatory spin. The language used in xd4 is transient from NL to LMR logic to any CliYuGa to Quoeto. It is hence the first system designed…

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Dream – Future – Reality – Engineering Dream.Engineer: Operator / Task force for interpretation of meta-conceptual spaces (individual dreams) and community-generated collective dreams. Dream.Design is hub for outcomes of dream meta-system. This system is grouped in and as well as providing a framework for translation and connectivity to the neuroworld systems and…

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