Each axis is a polyparametric phase space (Cognition ) with accompanied domain (depicted as circles as they contain λ(π) 2d functions).
The model is χ-dimensional, it can expand into more domains if energy is supplied to the [theory module]  ⊂ Hence, pumping lemma with conceptual networks on xd4 will produce qip8 when observed. We will use notion of exponents for hyper-contextual iteration stage.
We can sketch how clusters of break points will converge locally due to quasi-spin dynamics. Break points result from (meta-chiral) symmetry breaking, this can be due to compression, momentum, intensity (≈energy tensor) and so on. We have omitted much of Buffering as buffer needs animation, author lacks skills. To generate ξλ we will explore derivative of xd4 which is 256-dimensional and aligns qip8 with very robust error.

Intermediate render:

July 8th update

Semantic xd4 (xd²)

and below you can see what that makes if applied with almost one complete iteration cycle

xd4 before july 1st 2020:

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