The term no1isa0 reads no one is a zero. It refers to both – the digital frame I want to push and the ideologic concept that any attempt to save the world must include everyone – and hence give everyone an opportunity to participate in this global and decentral process.

The digital frame behind no1isa0 means that no living being should ever be represented by a zero – or a missing value. Current economy for example allows individuals to be lost/forgotten by society if they cannot provide a bank account with funds or if their bank account drpos below zero. Life has to be treated differently then objects, this is true in our real world but its easily lost in the digital and economic systems. There are ways to anticipate this problem, the quoeto language I propose is just one of many, though an efficient one.

The ideologic concept of no1isa0 refers to projects such as [projects that explicitly attempt ‘world saving’ including the research what is understood by that concept]. If we want a global and long lasting change, we must generate the participatory feeling in each and everyone. Saving the world means altering human history – and the conscious anticipation of this fact might be a good motivator to spawn ‘the’ working idea. We must write history – a new type of cultural history. Not only providing a cultural heritage that represents humanities past achievements but clearly puts every individual in the scope of human culture and hence history. One does not have to deserve their place in history – history must provide any feeling and thinking being with their place. This place is not fixed, it is an environment which allows individual prosperity and self-development as well as exploration and identity experience.