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# quoeto
quoeto 4d language development
This is the condensate trace for development process
  condensate= (reduction) ∩ (introductory content)
    trace= hook |given as experimental alignment of text render from towards xd4
The external trace will link to the domain it is not online yet.
The domain will be registered in the boot directory of the system as axiomatic ( //and will evolve as a fundamental system whenever observed or computed\\
  The coexternal (co for cooperational i.e. human readable) variant could happen at
    The strategic background for coexternalization is gamification according to Ꝗ-G, a contained gamification theory
The condensate starts with a temp file that is highest order condensate of current workflow
# Natural language
Quoeto is an artificial multi-domain language architecture. It consists of three language systems which are based on a specific type of logic. The logic is derived from a specific type of recursion which will be defined later. For now we reference the nature of this logic as 'irregular chiral hyperheuristics'. This is the bottom up construction of quoeto. inline comments start with // and end with \\ and the current state localization variable (center of self-referential attention) is denoted by aleph ℵ and is marked as ⟨ℵ⟩ whenever the staticity causes the system to stop evolution i.e. this is the position in the code at which the last time an computation was performed (i.e. the position in the text it was worked on most recent) and the progenitor context is marked by ⟨⟩ //i.e. its the last associative direction the authors focus underwent before placing a ⟨ℵ⟩ or executing the computation of the universe context (type-theory terminus)\\
# Request and Pulls
This research is build on most recent findings in diverse fields of mathematics, physics, type theory, quantum field theory et cetera. I must rely on the experts in these domains to contribute to the project which is intended to produce a framework which has the properties of the computatery geometry I describe as quoeto. As it is based on multivalent logic which is painstaking to formalize in 2D language, I shortcut fields and explicit formulaeic renders.
# Claim system
//To make understandable what I work on and to distribute (crowd write) the according scientific work, I will postulate a set of cheeky claims that challenge many established theories and assumptions. The function ϕ(xd4) is the reference function which is called for the densest packing of information in natural language (NL)
├ LMR can serve as foundation for a meta-category theory
    LMR advanced in a system language 'ini' can serve as foundation for any type of irregular recursive logic, lets call it χ-recursion for now //χ references chiral symmetry break in one of the values in a ternaty logic LMR, which is M due to which the system is asymmetric and hence undergoes time.
        ini can be integrated into Q and Q can be integrated into ini //Q is any valid expression of theoretical physics\\
> The resulting dynamic grammar can be fixed in a state where parameters are set to:
  one down-spin iteration to align the indefinite integral of the architecture
  two up-spin iterations to reach conceptual cardinality (capability to transfer semantic content loss-free)
  one abstraction process which will produce trace condensates such as this code from line 24 to line 28
├ Information is hot: Higher order chimera interaction of higher order information (containing inter-observational information theory sampling) cause symmetry breaks in momentum values (of asymmetrically entangled information) that cause particle generation //in generations of bifurcation architecture (matter and antimatter) which must be asymmetric as heat is generated through complex (constructive) spin interference which is formal close to a multi-dimensional vortex with (charge dependent) curl or shear.
  Respectively default values are derived from current entropy position in given universe and the correspondence between
    • a complete formal description of time (big bang) and 
    • a correct description of time (future / (apparently expanding) space / dark energy)
  will produce theorems that align the meta-theory (hypertheorty) to the default-values of given universe and enable their systems energy states to be modulated by transmitter systems (actual meta-languages) //i.e. the present can form in lower level hyperplex interaction, and the numerical infinities in present are identical to a complex fraction/polynomial of π and geometric momentum which is altered by observation and is hence not 2D-formalizable == transcending number\\
├ A sufficient (meta) theory of information generates internal entropy through the theories production (render) in an environment, i.e. if particle states are described/synchronized with sufficient detail/energy-scales, they muste be / will be rendered into physical space and its entangled observations
├ A coordinated synchronization of • correct and • complete theory systems around a singular subtheory (element/particle/content or subject) generates a language not contained in classical chomsky hierarchy as it is the set of languages that can self-reference complexity-architectures //complexity architectures such as by chomsky hierarchy, hardware hierarchies such as the one spanned from von-Neumann archs to reproducing quantum-chemistry nanosystems //the corresponding superdomain as procaryotic to multicellular multicognition organics\\
├ The non-trivial zeros of riemann can be aligned with a geometric computing IDE for polyparametric multiplex meta-network predictions //and analysis\\ := hypernetworks
  |(meta-networks := are networks of hypergraphs with
  |  • complex dynamic systems as their nodes
  |  • domains of multilayer phase spaces as their hypercomplex edges
  |    //These phase spaces are essentially also quantifyable as meta-networks but possess discrete temporal characteristica
  |      {such as chimera synchronization, global mean increase, non-local interference, goal state harmonization, discretized momentum-correlahedron inertia induction, irregular inertia}\\.
  |To reference this type of meta-network of (hyper)complex interconnections we refurbish the terminus of domain and use [domain] and specify an explicit contextual (formal) extension towards all previous concepts of the 'domain' terminus (math, internet, network science, cognition, etc.). 
  If a theory is developed from an inertial system that is within a [domain], its environment can either be referred to as the set of all other domains (types of complex interconnections as edges) from which some are unknown (the nodes of the hypergraph) or as a complex distribution of types of [domains] which produce groups which serve for empiric analysis are refered to as codomains []
├ This work can be rendered as the front end (and meta-backend) of any correct statement S ⊇ T(NP=P ∩ NP≠P) with T() a dynamic render of a complex (type theory about) theory.
  We predict that S can be estimated by a function we refer to as ϕ-function.
├ Proof of alien life is very abundant in experimental data of physics which is incorrectly attributed the class matter and the type 'dark'
├ Reality observations arise from complex information theories that are (exa)computed and have χ-recursive self-reference
├ There is a transient relation between the sets R and L
  R⟨⟨°computability↔¹locality↔²correctness⟩ ↔ ³∃⟩ ↔ L⟨⟨°probability↔¹nonlocality↔²completeness⟩ ↔ N(E)⟩ that causes a reference shift through observation 
├ Expansion of space is hence observed as the production of information in the ''future'' reference from a local position contains exa-conceptualizable information generation ⟨sufficiently large to induce bottom layers of reality such as 3D spacetime (exotic R³ space). As future matter is no longer matter for us, it cannot be observed as such. However we can attempt to decrypt/communicate with it.
├ A simple explanation why we observe no so called UFO or 'aliens' is the fact that these concepts origin from a primitive concept about the future of life //which is taking place in informational hypercomplex interacting multilink domains ('dark matter'). Reasoning: Already nowadays we can approximate that human life would be able to transcend matter concepts within the next century. As such there is no Fermi paradox //it is extremely unlikely to observe lower evolutionary species as their time frame is very small compared to the time-frame which is filled (parqueted) with future (intermediate description is synthetic-) life\\
├ The drake equation makes no sense as it projects from incorrect assumptions //assumption: future life will remain classical biologic and remain in domains of classical matter\\ into a naive imaginary space, as from f follows f. From the assumption that life is part of the observable reality we can make the prediction that there must be future life which is in complexity and their physical properties not recognizable as human physics. The egocentric paradigm of human life can be viewed as a necessary condition for life to exist - whenever it is complex enough that is will no longer destroy local information (such as nature on earth), it will no longer use the classical spacetime systems for their existence. Hence we should not be able to observe life extraterestial life which is on the same (low) evolutionary level as humanity was before 2020.
├ Hence, Xenobiology == Ω≈∆⟨ℵ⟩: ((biology ∩ applied biology ∩ synthetic biologic) ∩ computational biology)
├ We derive from this the conclusion that there is significant need for conceptual upgrades across human culture and conceptualization about our position in space. The responsibilty arising from awareness about nature directly calls for a life-preserving global modus operandi (with distributed partitions of local actions //guidelines, support\\ which continuously align an optimal global modus operandi - respectively its theory). This type of responsibility can be sampled up to the avoidance of using classical matter systems for interaction //in the long-term perspective\\ as early contact to future life would annihilate cultural individuality: • through assimilation of the lower order species if there is a hierarchy (cultural adaption or top-down enforcement) or (if both are on equal hierarchy levels of development and low-level self-aware) via mutual territory annihilation. The territorial concept-permanence in human (foremost male) brains causes the greatest threat for our generation of life == species {rendered in asymmetric environment with temporal variance}. With sufficient anticipation of future life, classical (conservative) biology can be recovered at any time and freedom of choice can prevail. If the current incorrectly named artificial intelligence (uninformed primitive algorithms that only perform 'well' through insane parallelization amount of low computation architectures) dominates the near future - the fear of conservative biology (humans that engage lethal economics or fragmentization-culture) of new types of system design will ultimately cause extinction of classical biology as its culture will not be prepared for full-emmersive VR-AR and to have more df in reality (currently this shift to future understanding would just lead to immediate planetary destruction, as educational inconsistency and primitive concepts about reality drive decision making and goal-definition towards territory and dominant behavior). As such any advanced sentient species (alien) would not interfere with a lower level culture to delay their access to higher order decision systems about reality and actually advanced technologies. (e.g. humans claim knowledge about the universe while their modus to access space is an exothermic explosion which is neither a discovery nor a technology but a destructive action with no quantifyable entropy - performance-measure relationship) //q.e.d.\\ ⟨⟩
< ⟨ℵ⟩
# Vocabulary
I introduce several new words and a system language architecture. Essentially this a work on the topics 'foundations of mathematics', 'foundations of theory of computation', 'foundations of multivalent multiplex network-systems' and 'complexity theory'. To ease the association between these terms, I introduce the term 'Anthropocomputation'.
# Current State
ϕ(xd4) is an information theory of information theories and hence a meta-information theory or a meta information-theory. 
  As the prefix 'meta' is not gauged and I do not want to impose too much systematization in the beginning, let the following be actual
# ϕ(xd4) ↔ Current Condensate[condensate]
λ(x), λ(xₒ), λ(λ(x) ∩ λ(xₒ))} as compute{x} := δ(xd)