This is the reference page to group and synchronize descriptions of xd4. The root document is a pdf and this is xd4 in one view:

x4: A timer and alarm that rings from july 1st 2020 until June 2028.

xd: System theories according to their cognitive availability (amount and complexity of required background knowledge or skills) into structures and classes of structures to form ordering hierarchy [domains d] eventually producing a literature outline and efficient line of thought (step wise exploration of formulaeic and co space of the system).

Left is the generic information-action flow for complex decision making and their participatory systems. Below is the concept

Root plans for global system upgrade, right temporal order, below functional setup draft

Current Literature Condensates

Names bundle generations of theories/systems or concepts. For autobiographic preview please interact via given means. All research has been performed independent and hence poses severe subject-bias but independence in priorization and formalization. I optimized my models to be compatible with current system designs natively as transducer for global gauge undertaking. This is referenced in byte-ethics. Monography is background on multivalent logic and category-concept theory. LMR and ini are model languages for system design theories. Neutral.Management is placeholder system for open source management services developed for the savenet/safenet.

  • Monography:
  • Byte-Ethics
  • Neutral.TLD
  • Mesography
  • CliYuGa/Go/Ge
  • I-You-We / Quoeto
  • Multigraphy
  • xd4
  • qip8

Current Logical Hierarchy

This outlines the main logic concepts underlying literature mentioned above

  • LMR
  • ini
  • kea
  • CliYuGa
  • CliYuGe
  • CliYuGo
  • mwd (Turing equiv)
  • Quoeto
  • xd4
  • qip8