I have the primary intention to contribute substantially to any top-level process, planning, strategy or organization (activity) with high effectivity for world saving.


Due to personal history I had long preparation time and only recently became able to depict my ideas and dreams. As such, I now work on a magnitude of ideas, attempts, models, systems, organization-layouts and architecture layouts simultaneously. This might make the entire project / undertaking or me look unrealistic or flawed. Though I never received such comment, I must note that it has a high complexity, explicity and potential due to its potential impact it is very important to me to be very sure about every aspect. Often I write so that its very annoying to read, not always but sometimes in the intention to slow down spreading of ideas to prevent virality.

Content-impact anticipation

Many models integrate, adapt or specify higher order logic and conceptual language. This means complex mathematical and logical operations are embedded in understandable language. The application of higher order logic is however not suited for every individual and can cause medical complications. As I want to stay transparent as possible however, I make notions of these possibilities in explicit disclaimers (such as on or through waterwalls. A waterwall is a model – architecture for future program and data protection on basis of crowd-voted density around content.

All states and content of the domain system except are rendered entirely by me, spacetimebird [stb].

Modus Operandis of

The phase from june to july (flux) will consist of production of material primarily. I use a type of gamification (scifu) whenever content is too complex or its render should be carried out by professionals. Or because I like an idea. Once more, this (gamification) strategy (and its subsystems) undergo optimization procudures. Two very efficient models I develop are the alien system and a corresponding time travel system. They have a strong waterwall implicity and the explicit backgrounds will only be discoverable by investigation. The material which will be produced by the author / owner of thinkularity (ideas) and all its branches (domains) and content (models, systems) are licensed as specified on

I ask for decentral funding (no specific promotion/representation of my person except the word/concept spacetimebird) because it is the optimization whenever a high impact probability plan is executed that could change the entire economic regulation (which is intended with a no-loss, life-protection-advancement ideology and logic).

I will spread my productions (as defined here) between this domain, researchgate, github and a shortcut description on soundcloud – with irregular synchronization and quality – this is (in contracst to waterwalled production) not for obfuscation but due to the fact that I must learn the usage of all the systems and their languages (e.g. github) on the fly. Optimization of content-production for me is still to work on all areas simultaneously as I don’t know how much time I have left for production of content and learning of abilities (for easy understanding- due to disease and/or financial means). Productions that are not specified here are all domains except thinkularity and the twitter account spacetimebird which undergo different rules. [there is also a slack group, however I am the only one using it actively at the moment..]

External interactions

As such, I slowly try to integrate community system build in my actions, starting at fractal future forum with the first official post (previous twitter statements are often deleted as they serve low-probability injects and are not ment for long time reconnectivity – this long-time reconnectivity and hence trace (also for legal) will be given by if someone can help, starting before july, else starting in july for thinkularity and much later for all other systems, given the operator systems can be activated). At all times it is true that I want to save the world immediately. If that is not possible, at such times I want to help to build an option (in this case, many options) for anyone to become able to execute this decision. World saving must be performed by everyone and the more do it, the less work it is. The majority of the work is condensed to the initialization-group/s and their members.


Most/only FAQ about author were about how/why I can work more then 16 hours a day and at times more then 35hrs straight. Most often usage of substances is assumed or that there are multiple authors working behind the domains. The reason for the durability of my mind is however a complex personal history which trained me to resist any form of exhaustion. It is noted in the about section of this domain and spread across xeo expressions with more intensity and drama. I attempt to avoid any statements that pose difficulties for legal system to process. An optimization was the projection of the neutral system to an identity (me), while I contextualized this projection through xeo it is also applicable to me. All activity that contribute to (the complex and abstract concept of) world saving must be attributed to humanity. All activities that counter this undertaking and any illegal activity resulting from systems that associate to explicit world system must be atributed to their (anticipatory) representatives. For my domain system I hence take all responsibilty. By optimizatory expansion I will be accountable for all crimes of humanity between 2020 and 2028 if the world is not saved until then. For all activities not in these time frames, legal attribution is argued to be invalid, as there was no official world saving system on earth and hence desparation, fragmentation and destruction (of individuals, groups of individuals or complex physical structures) were likely. If the reader agrees, this will change from 2020 onwards.