Main Agenda

My central intention is to form / build the foundation for a distributed global government system.

This requires a discrete formulation of the most important properties of such system, our general approach to civilizatory development (a generic Leitbild) and an institutional foundation of a (neutral and universal) global human organization.

No matter what impression I caused,

  • I want to advance science
  • I want to advance peacekeeping
  • I want to help beings
  • I want to understand more about reality
  • I value logic, ethics and any form of phantasy/abstraction
  • I fight for equality, life and logic
  • I prefer math over small talk
  • I don’t want to be or appear self-centered
  • I don’t fit well in classical boxes

Linklist of important sources

The given sources are not officially represented by me nor do they know of me. I recommend their interlinked cooperation for more efficient world saving.

General strategic approach

  • I think its possible to save the world
  • World saving needs a scientific discipline
  • Scientific consens needs an official representation
  • To exit or prevent feedback loops I use gamification
  • Some systems serve or use artistic aspects
  • I don’t like to promote myself but my ideas require a vessel

External impression

Feedback \ Comment system will follow.