The SciFu genre is the idea to produce content (media, art, education, information) that has an ongoing relevance and relation to current consens and representation capabilities. SciFu hence stands for ScienceFunctional content, dissolving the gap between science fiction and science faction as it may encorporates contemporary or far fetched theories that nevertheless pose a scientific and valid research attempt. The Media, Art and Content classified as scifu is then evolving content which actualizes its hypothesis, experimentation proposals, results etc. through elaboration or change of stories, visualizations and so on. In case a hypothesis is turning out to be invalid, the content can become increasingly classified as science fiction while evidence and significance will boost its classification as science faction. This can solve another problem of complex content communication between disciplines research, education and art.

As I propose the concept it should obey minimal LMR system properties: It must be self-actualizing, self-regulating and self-referencing. As such it poses a fluid transmitter system of educational content through collaborative artistic productions which represent the respective formal content. Associated to scifu media is the dream data type as an inclusive and barrier free design is a fundamental aspect of scifu as I understand it – it must be open and accessible to everyone and informing through artistic interpretations about current areas of research and their relevance for human society (e.g. nanoscience, neurophotonics, spintronics, neuroprosthetics,..). Especially areas that have very specialized backgrounds like topological matter or quantum field theory could receive a cultural boost through such method/type of content.