There is an urgent need for coding assistance for the interface of

Please consider all ideas marked as startup for funding or execution.

I also would like to be self-employed as a researcher about world saving (approximated by xd4).

Currently there’s only paypal as a means of funding my work. The account is primarily for the debts I went in to build the xd4 systems, my study loan and for preparation of startup funding. My paypal page is and for public funding you can choose the money pool at Any support attributed to me will primarily advance the ideas, concepts and theories I publish and secondary cover my living expenses.

Our current economy is based on what I call a lethal currency as it contains no information about the fact that its useres are living beings and not economic agents. Among my proposals and theories there are system regulation models which are life-friendly and self-referential to avoid limitless economy which is well known to be substantially shortsighted. My philosophy and scientific work is quiete extensive, often I was told that parts of it are similar to the works of other scientists or philosophers. However I never based my ideas on the concepts of anyone else and I want to write down everything in my understanding to give a consistent overview about what humans know and research. I won’t be able to realize (all of) my ideas because they are a lot in number and many of them require extensive work. Thats why ask for support here, both in programming, webdesign, activism, organization and community formation as well as economic or object wise help.

I researched many years how we can save the world and I have not contributed anything to the economic or academic field until now, partially because of disability, partially because I think current human research is not based on logic. Likewise current global economics is not based on intelligence. A sane science and a civilized economy will first enable any being an unconditional ability to exist and their protection from harm. Systems that neglect those it was made for are inherently lethal and while I consider not a single human being as stupid I consider many of our global systems as stupid.

I want to put out ideas like rebooting science 2020 with the clear fundamental statement that science is carried out by living beings and that their protection and wellbeing is the most important result of scientific undertakings, followed by helping a cultural common future.

The current disparity between high tech and its exponential advancement and abundance on one side and suffering of living beings, poor educatory and healthcare setups and destruction of nature on the other side is malicious to any psychology. If you give me the chance I will prove that collective diversity gauged on a common simple goal can literally move mountains (i.e. save the world). The basis for any such attempts is open and efficient knowledge distribution and consens representation. For each of those I propose concepts / domains. Thank you very much for considering to read about my support page.