On I want to publish all my current meta plans how to save the world and all elements that these plans contain. Each element often has the scope of a book and if not they are a lot of software to code or at least a paper to write. I cannot write books because I think and work too distributed. This blog is essentially the top level abstraction of all my attempts tu publish anything. was supposed to be the site where the (one) link appears which would allow financial interaction with any of my projects (respectively, me) but I figured the page poses more potential if, once more, kept free of authorship. Hence, this page will do the job to inform about the author of world2020 and the other pages appearing there. Please note I am still in building phase and attempt in parellel to develop one of the more complex projects into a state which allows an open application of it. The claims I make among my systems, especially the dream and xeo system, are from a gamified plan to save the world through a meta-character called xeo. With time I also used the character as a fire wall to filter / control the amount of visitors. My formalization of a working world saving plan is not done yet, I estimated a completion for 4th of April and since 20th of February 2020 I get close to an average daily working time of 15 hours. I’ve had 5 days on which I worked less then 2 hours and I’m still restless because of the lost time. More then 15 hours turns out to be effective in quantity of products (text) but the quality suffers. Hence I try to stay in that range, never claiming I am as productive in this time as other beings but fulfilling my own standard of trying more and doing the best I can. There might be a video which is ridiculously scary for me to think about, but anyone who’s been following my work so far will most likely tell me I should have done that years ago. Because the content on which I work on and everything around it hasn’t changed – only the audience changed. From family, friends and a few professors to an entire world. To address an entire world with writing is not that easy (at least for me) but I’ll provide a text where I did so, maybe mentioning some of my gamification systems inbetween. (I write some words without space indicating that I reference my own terminology, an appendix will be given at world2020 but most likely not before 11/2020.