About xd4, x4, xisy and xd.

Explanation of x generations currently only given in abstract form on xd4 persistor domain.

Current research covers meta convergence, basic knowledge entailed e.g. in this paper

Explanation of x – generations currently only given in abstract form on xd4 persistor domain (approx by xd4.eu).

xd4 is consisting of several plans itself, including theories about planning, causality, logic, life and four entire artificial languages. I claim that xd4 can save the world within 8 years – because if sufficient many beings help me to formalize xd4 until 2021 consistently, we/you will be able to produce what I call qip8. This name is a placeholder for the plan that society / you will chose for any model to save the world which is more efficient then xd4 if such model can be build. Facing xd4 as an actual way for humanity to save the world within a given time frame through quantifyable progress, worst/best case scenario theories and fixed milestones for performance measure might spark advancements in this novel research area.

In simple words: Independent of whether xd4 will work or makes sense – if enough people help to make it a proof of concept – world saving plan, we will naturally come up with something better (which I call qip8 in my own model language as anything surpassing the meta-language Quoeto requires octonion algebra for its logic while xd4 can be computed with quaternions). xd4 already contains several abstractions about world saving attempts, their design and representation(-models). Among them multi-domain synchronization, katalytic entropic alignment, universal neutral interlink and the cosynchro terminus.

There are several models how a proposal such as xd4 could be handled efficiently by an external source (organization, institution) to make transparent all actions carried out in the context of an explicit claim to advance humanities ability and understanding of world saving. One of them is 1up.run with registration and stream system for projects. Another is given by the gamified worldsavingworldcup.com or the hackalympics. I’m not able to realize the projects myself sufficiently fast not only because the reasons mentioned above. Also due to the fact that they were build to be fully scalable and hence some of them make sense only for large scale application/implementation. As they are interconnected through several subsystems such as polycontrol.net and controlling hubs such as interlink and matrixvote. I compress my work to 2028.World which will stay rudimentary until 7-2020.