xd4: Meta-model

With xd4 we propose a complex meta-model which associates temporal and conceptual progression. Currently the contents are not yet gathered in one language and the development into explicit statements and strategies is work in progress. As the graphic below makes clear, meta-modelling of complexity theory is not well displayable in 2d. To keep the backend simple we will still use this type of maps for the time being.

Decrypt I:

qip8 model

The complex error phase space of xd4 is a transition function to minimize the error between a desired goal state of the world ψZ(WG) and the present state of the world ψZ(Wt).

To define (calculate) ψZ(WG) is a complex task as it associates multiple data sets of different types (polyparametricity). As the state of the world and also the (voted) goal state continually change, we must limit the error phase space to a discrete function that is defined for larger time frames. The general functionality can be dynamic however, as well defined formulas and the corresponding data streams could be routed continually through supercomputing clusters.

M³-mapping of xd4 to a theory-system

M³ generates a complex plan which contains domains and inter-relationsships of strategies, theories and their supersets

(M³ is currently not formalized and must be seen as an arbitrary junction between a problem space and the thinkularity solution space at the moment)