xd4 is a multi-domain strategy and its according meta-model system. xd4 is consisting of the entire mwd system and advanced error anticipation measures that build systems as codomains with computatory spin. The language used in xd4 is transient from NL to LMR logic to any CliYuGa to Quoeto. It is hence the first system designed for native quoeto compatibility. From the build of xd4 several phemomenologic views on computation theory can be produced. They are referenced e.g. as neuromorphology.

xd4 is proposing time- and complexity- optimization of the global gauge agenda. As such it falls short in space-complexity which renders to physical logic as peaks in resource requirements.

The error function δ0X of xd4 is introduced as a multi-scale measure λX · δX · δX \\see below and is contained partially in xd4 multiplex by any entropy or time function x4.click. It consists of partial or skewed transitions from a(ny given) (type) theory ‘x4’ to an evolution of x4 (via time, entropy or param) that miss the projection space λM of xd4 which has been validated by proof and is powered by consens (all functions will be defined with time, this as all referencing the f-denoted source file ”thinkularity.com june 2020f.png” which is contained in xd4 as its alignment to its inversion).

λX · δX · δX //[is referred to as multiplex in a descriptive render of xd4 and it has an approximative optimal error function x4.click which consists partially of xD.lol pertubation and flux and their interlinks. x4.click is a partition of xD.lol whenever the PARAM are cosynchro. Then a string ‘xD.lol’ can call the domain PARAM.xD.lol which has an evolution of λ, δ and ϕ given a PARAM protocoll or transmitter system on which all xd4 systems are gauged.

To aaproximate the meta-hyperheuristic space M² which contains solutions that we cannot discover, we describe M².xD.lol as the goal call and pt.xD.lol as a protocoll that commutes between the phase space and its observation/observer. For an effective local advance of a system in a domain and

w.i.p.// we define as failing PARAM the protocoll http and https and set them as default values that we want to gauge for effective exploration of solution spaces. For the given default/empty call of undiscovered solutions which are nevertheless discoverable in the local multiplex the all via https

towards error compensation an expression production system M³ into a subdomain of xd4. ]

Definition of multiplexWith a dynamic representation of consens we build a minimum coordinational¹ synchronizational² multi-scale ployparametric theory processor. This can be viewed as an approximation for a global government gauge system. I argue that any such gauge system with given functionality and capacity is identical to the evolution of a globally gauged government system.//¹coordinational; coordination of complex distributed system evolutions via hyperheuristics//²synchronizational; a system that contains synchronization as a concept, a goal space and an actualizing current space that bifurcates into default and problem space.We refer to this as a multiplex and my research is externalizing its proof capability through the domain multiplex.one (2021).
The complex phase space resulting from formalizing the error function er z(x4). For anticipation of ϕ(x4) as an error function instead of a canonical theory, we define a MaxEnt top theory named qip8. The corresponding family of functions will once more which are characterized by expensive mappings
as an iteration of x4 towards any top system with explicit geometry with an incorrect mapping.
transitions are within a boundary xd. Such boundary From xd4 as inertial system, x4 is optimal entropy compression so the remainder value has a temporal nature. For ideal (zero) compression it is a purely temporal term as which it is treated in xd4.


is a modular resource trace and xd currency model for education- and explanation system-variables


is rapid prototyping of ULEF cardinality environment and their implementation for eu


operation will always carry native metamodelling capacity and support for open source content


Fundamental API reformalization generates themes for any software to be loaded / booted in any xd4 system with testing environment on xD.lol


This is the highest efficiency literal internet candidate for positive cultural impact¹ of novel system design theories with explicit world saving measures and trace of impact domain and their supersystem relationsship.


Files are in data stream and not stored natively on hardware. Storage is measured as function of the system (performing operations with self referential characteristica)


Multidomain computation is reduced into human language via Alive.Tech. However x4.click allows multi-domain timing control and participatory event management.


xD.lol is loaded as email service project that is characterized by automatiziation of encryption, data share, computation outsourcing, casting for messaging applications and 4d-clock compatibility


can be build as cultural ideologic inject (original architecture) with the conceptual background that no smile is like another. However interlink (an informed connection) can build bridges between every smile so that no smile must be alone. Diversity of humor and personality are grasped in the duality of emotion and digital abstraction of physiologic state experience.


Easiest understood by imagine the algorithmic visual modelling (e.g. deepdreamgenerator.com) of League of Legends maps and character themes to produce the x.Dream Mod for lol – xD.lol. This will be a publicity-optimization mod to spark content development for the daydream.land and enrich the software backend in the dreamtank.space