Zoo.Build is a meta-model consisting of top-down approach to standardize and update living conditions in any zoo on earth – and a bottom-up approach to replace rare animals by live holo projections from other zoo’s. Through digitalization of the classical zoo concept – a culturally welcoming shift in an ever rigid structure can be attempted. Transformation of zoo’s to educational and experience-centered hubs that communicate technology as well as nature and their continuous entanglement as the great challenge of the earliest 21.st century explorers.

There are also forks of apps, gadgets etc. from this concept posing efficient usage of the domain via various approaches. Species.Love and Paw.Chat will maintain all connections to Zoo.Build which is explicitly understood as a rebuild. The word Zoo is updated by a concept free of animal abuse and morally impossible decision making. The concept of ‘Zoo’ is part of contemporary human cultural heritage and hence its problem space must be identified, described and solved efficiently.